Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 122: Unit 8 Assessment

I remember a day when I didn't dread giving assessments, because I had no reason to fear an altercation arising that could possible lead to a suspension. One of my classes has so many students that have completely given up (not just on geometry, but on school in general) that the thought of corralling them during a test terrifies me. 

It's constant giggling and whispering, but the administration simply says "give them a zero" for violating test procedures. Regardless of the fact that zeroes don't exist in SBG and that's a ridiculous way to treat grades, these particular students could care less about a zero. A few of these kids don't even turn the tests in! (I don't worry too much about test security because I don't think I've ever given the same test twice in the 5 years I've been teaching). 

So my only alternative is referral to the SRC (Student Responsibility Center) which involves a call home and a reinstatement meeting with me. If students are quiet and have given up, I have no recourse to ensure that I am not being measured by their scores. 

Oh well, tomorrow is spring break!

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