Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 109: Practice and justification

Wow, a complete & uninterrupted week of school lays before us. That shouldn't feel weird, but the 3rd Marking Period is always like this. 

Students were given the hour to work on U7 WS2 dealing with trapezoids & kites. We did address the idea of isosceles trapezoids at the start of class, and outlined everything we know about quadrilaterals to this point. 

As part of the SBG implementation, I created a general standard for reasoning because I was having a hard time separating a demonstration of knowledge about an idea (like opposite angles congruent in parallelograms) from being able to explain WHY that is true. So at least for this unit, S7.6: I can appropriately justify my reasoning will be a part of almost every question. 

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