Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 114: Unit 7 Assessment

I might have set a new record for "Students who turn in a blank test with their name on it" today. In light of that, it was actually fairly amazing to see how "well behaved" they were. I use quotes because they weren't actually well behaved, but considering that they did literally no work for 55 minutes, I'm surprised they weren't worse. 

Overall the results of the test were very poor. It was also very difficult to grade as I tried to implement a 'justification' standard into SBG. 

If a student graphs the 4 vertices of a quadrilateral and says it's a parallelogram because the opposite angles are congruent, how do your grade that? They are demonstrating some understanding of properties of parallelograms, but there is no way they can actually tell that their assertion is valid. What about students who say the sides are parallel, which can be shown on the graph, but they don't actually determine slopes of opposite sides to demonstrate the validity of their claim? 

This test did take a while to grade, but as has been the case with SBG, I'm very happy with the detailed information about what students know vs. what they don't that comes out of it. 

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