Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 104: Discussion

Again tried to make whiteboarding happen. I'm torn between wanting to give students a chance to confirm answers to the worksheets (I generally refuse to do that directly myself) and wanting to make the best use of class time. 

In 2nd hour, most of the class worked earnestly to get their assigned problems on whiteboards, but they chose for presentation style (over whiteboard parade style) and then couldn't keep quiet long enough to get through more than 4 problems (out of 20 total). 

I didn't give 5th hour the option, because I know they can't handle presentation style, so I had them stick with whiteboard parade. While the task eventually got accomplished, you can see the bulk of the work being done by the few (even though the worksheets are now graded). 

6th hour also got whiteboard parade, and for similar reasons.

Results will show on Monday's quiz.

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