Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 103: Recap & Practice

The first part of the class was part review (snow day yesterday), and part organizing our notes. On Tuesday, we made a Venn Diagram of the parallelograms, but didn't list the conclusions directly (just categorized the shapes). So I spent ~15 minutes making a list of everything that was true for each shape. 

Obviously, we started with parallelograms in general and wrote the definition and the 4 conclusions we found. Then we branched off to rectangles, and from there we actually moved down to squares, since we never formally discovered the major properties of rhombi. I liked the way it shaped up because we had a list of things that were true for squares, and some of them weren't true for rectangles. So logically, properties such as diagonals being perpendicular and bisecting their angles must have come from rhombi. 

I insisted to the students that any justification for their work MUST come from the conclusions that were now cleanly listed on the board. 

Students were then given the remainder of the hour to work on U7 WS1 regarding Parallelograms & Rhombi. 

Picture of the notes

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