Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 58: Online Practice

Spent the day in the computer lab with the students working with the Carnegie Learning software. Did this mostly because my 5th hour was a day behind the other classes, so I gave them the class period to catch up while the others worked online. 

I created a custom sequence of the Geometry units in Carnegie to better match the sequence I had written for my class. The only problem is that because I don't "force" the students to complete Carnegie by given deadlines, they don't work very hard. And now, 3 months into the school year, most students are still in the first unit of Carnegie, when the class material is aligned to the fifth unit of Carnegie. When asked, I told one student that Carnegie is just practice. If you choose not to practice, you're choosing to not be at your best.

We're going to start having skills review quizzes next week, so maybe the poor pacing of the online practice will actually come in handy. 

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