Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 53: Review

Task #1: finish going over U3 WS4 from last week.

Task #2: Give students time to create a note sheet for use on the Unit 3 Assessment tomorrow. 

With Task #1, I tried to make the deeper connections that I had hoped for when we started this unit. Through some guided discovery, the class was able to see that lines of symmetry have to be angle bisectors on both ends, perpendicular bisectors on both ends, or one of each on each end. That's something at least. 

With Task #2, I stress that even though students are allowed note sheets, less than half of students actually use them on the tests. If there's a greater indicator of what students are willing to do to be successful, I haven't found it yet. Of course, some students who don't use note sheets are happy with grades in the C range, which is another issue altogether. 

I'm ok with note sheets as I'm confident that I can write a test that requires a deep understanding of the content to be successful. Were I giving a simple true/false (or even multiple guess), then yeah, note sheets might be too much of an advantage. But that's why students hate my tests (and in some cases, by extension, me); because they can't be aced just by memorizing a bunch of facts and properties. Heck, they generally can't receive good grades by even memorizing a procedure (like, always add two numbers and divide by 2 to get midpoints). Of course, this is exactly my goal, so I'm ok with it. 

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