Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 49: Symmetry

I actually spent a fair amount of time prepping myself for this unit because I had high hopes of delving very deeply into symmetry. I had never really thought about the underpinnings of symmetry and how you can discover properties that can be proven geometrically. I found some lessons online that got into perpendicular and angle bisectors and read them through enough times that I felt confident. I planned out the week to build to cementing these ideas and prepping for the Unit 3 test before Thanksgiving. And then, I went through the intro day. 

Nothing bad happened during the intro day, in fact, I would probably label it a success. I probed for students preconceptions of symmetry, jotted down the class ideas and worked through some basic examples of line and rotational symmetry. But at the foundation, I realized that what I had hoped to accomplish was way beyond what most of my students were capable of getting through, at least on the order of a few days. 

So, I decided to re-plan my week to focus on making connections between symmetry and everything we'd talked about in Unit 3 to date, bisectors and midpoint to name a few ideas. Let's hope that works. 

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