Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 46: Discussion of Angle Bisectors

We spent the day going over U3 WS3 on Angle Bisectors. I have about 15 minutes of class for students to work, and then I led Q & A for no more than the setups of some of the problems. We did not do anything like a whiteboard session due to time constraints. 

I was very surprised at how little transfer students are willing to even attempt. They can recite the definition of an angle bisector, but cannot use that information to set up an problem involving algebraic expressions for 2 angles and solve for the unknown. They claim "I don't get it," but as I walk through the questioning techniques with them ("what is an angle bisector,?" "what does that mean for the angles,?" "how would that be set up in an equation?") it's clear that they do "get it," at least at a very basic level, they're just either completely incapable of, or simply refuse to, attempt to apply things they know to new situations. 

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