Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 43: Discuss U3 WS2

Goal was to go over the worksheet assigned yesterday. Surprisingly, most students attempted at least the easiest problems (finding the midpoint from the graph and when given two endpoints). 

I've settled into somewhat of a groove in which I handle worksheet discussions different in the honors classes vs. the regular class. In honors, I have each group whiteboard ~3 problems and utilize the "whiteboard parade" method in which the kids have a chance to walk around the room and check the other boards and ask questions. There is almost too many kids and too many simplistic problems to justify the "one WB presentation at a time" method. 

For the regular class, I basically can't relinquish control of the class like that. I need to maintain order and that means that we actually avoid group work of that nature. Instead, I passed my tablet PC around the room and had randomly picked students solve problems on the tablet while it projected to the screen. They like using the tablet, but there's still the issue of what students choose to do while waiting for someone to write their solution down. 

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