Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 8: First Assessment

Unit 1 Quiz 1: slope and slope-intercept form. 

I let students use notes and calculators - mainly because why not? I'm not asking recall type questions, so I don't see notes as an influence that masks what students truly understand. I also like the idea of encouraging students to pay attention and take notes in a class using SBG and not grading homework. 

The quiz only took 20 minutes, so I tried to include bits of Frank Noschese's mindset lesson and how the brain can create new neural pathways through both physical activity and/or an enriched environment. I gave students a math perception survey to start, watched the video clip, and asked for basic feedback (on the back of the survey) before class ended. If I have time to look at the surveys this weekend, I might try to spend some time discussion what I noticed about their opinions on Monday. 

I will certainly need to devote some time on Monday to explaining the results of the quiz since SBG is new to them. I also need to show them how to access their grades through ActiveGrade (I'm not using the school's online gradebook). 

A whole week spent on slope-intercept form in a geometry class sure feels slow, but I'm planning on basing the entire course on graphing, so I'm hoping it pays off later. We'll see. 

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