Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 12: Progress?

The Honors classes continued with a traditional-ish modeling style whiteboard discussion. One of the classes is still fighting me a little, but we're at least moving forward. 

In my regular class, I had intended to just take over and work through some problems on my tablet connected to the projector. I wasn't going to just do the work and have students follow - my goal was an audience participation work through. And then when the kids saw the tablet, they oohed and ahhed and all wanted a piece (I forget how cool they think a 5 year old beat up convertible notebook computer is). So I found a student that had at least attempted a problem and gave them the tablet to let them work it through on the screen. Then we'd go over it as a class, catch any mistakes that might have been made, and repeat. 

The major upside is that almost everyone wants to participate if it means using the cool toy. The downside is that the crowd gets a little restless a) while waiting for someone to write out their answer and 2) when they don't get their turn to play. 

In any event, U1 Quiz 2 is today on parallel, perpendicular, & oblique lines. I'm a little wary of how they're going to perform, but it's already been a full week on old material, and I'll try to stress the importance of remediation and reassessment next week. 

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