Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 6: Whiteboard & Discuss U1 WS1

So close, and yet so far. 

I have 3 geometry classes; 2nd hour, 5th hour, and 6th hour. Technically, 2nd and 6th are Honors classes, but I generally don't put too much stock in that label. 

Today's task was centered around the discussion. I needed to remind students of SBG and how it related to homework (SB.1 I can come to class prepared) and I needed to lay out the rules for class discussion (mostly just variants of "be respectful."). Most students had completed their HW (phase 1 - check), and most got to task whiteboarding the questions I assigned without any issue (phase 2 - check). Anybody with experiencing modeling will know that phase 3 is the tricky one. And with 35 10th graders in the room, I was a little nervous.

2nd hour went great, and that might be a bad thing. I only say that because it got my hopes up only to be dashed by my remaining classes. Just too many kids thinking that whispering is OK and throwing the entire discussion off the rails. 

We only got through a couple of problems today, so my new schedule is that we finish the discussion tomorrow and quiz on Friday (that will complete 2 standards of the 6 total in Unit 1). Part of me really wants to let the class determine how fast we go, even if it means taking 4 days on a simple slope worksheet that was supposed to be review. But I also don't want to give them a negative impression of the class on the 2nd week. 

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