Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 11 - This is taking forever

Still working on getting the problems from WS2 on a whiteboard. Attitude was a little better today, but progress is still slow. 

Generally I don't pay much attention to pace as long as we're moving forward, but linear equations are all things that were taught in 9th grade. I had hoped that this would serve as an easy intro to the structure of the class so that we could adjust to modeling while simply reviewing old material. Instead, we're spending 4 days interpreting slope-intercept form of a line while stubborn teenagers insist a) they've never learned this before and 2) they "shouldn't have to learn from other students."


Hopefully we can get through a discussion of the worksheet tomorrow and take a quiz either tomorrow or Friday. We're quickly approaching the point of "when do I take the reins to get us moving forward?" 

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