Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 18: Unit 1 Assessment

At the end of the first unit of this adventure, I'm happy I finally pushed myself to do it. I was really unsatisfied with the old method of pre-printed notes with blanks that I would just talk through while students copied down the important info. I used that method for 4 years because when I started teaching I had 4 preps and didn't have the energy to focus on Geometry, so I used the lesson plans handed down from other teachers in the building. 

Regardless of the method (which I still support wholeheartedly), I'm more satisfied with how I've re-sequenced the course and what I envision that will do for what we can accomplish as a class. Spending this much time on equations of a line will enable us to actually put it into practice and study shapes graphically which (I hope) will make conclusions easier to see than the traditional, more abstract approach. 

Let's see how hopeful I am come Monday after grading 100 tests though. 

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