Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 74: Holiday "Party"

Students complained that yesterday's test was too long, so I allowed them ~15 minutes today to finish it up. Surprisingly  many students said they were done and didn't take advantage of the chance to look over the test. 

I made a point to NOT tell the students I'd be doing this because I wanted them thinking it was over so they wouldn't go home and study more. I don't think that was an issue. 

Approximately 25% of my students were absent (excused or not, I don't really care), so they missed out on the opportunity to finish up. 

And I don't throw any type of organized party, it's just a chill day to watch a non-religious holiday special and relax. 

I did do something new this year, I wrote a note to each class (not to each student, I don't have that kind of time), printed them with a holiday print and gave one to each student along with a candy cane. The theme of the note was positive, trying to keep everyone motivated as we approach finals. They genuinely seemed to appreciate the gesture and I'm happy I did it, as much fun as printing, folding, and taping candy canes to 150 notes was...

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