Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 70: Ratio & Proportion

I backed myself into somewhat of a corner, scheduling wise. We finished Unit 4 last week, but I didn't want to rush the test and start Unit 5 before the holiday break, so I decided to stretch out Unit 4 a bit. I already added the review of simplifying radicals last week, and I decided to spend a couple of days this week quasi-starting Unit 5 by reviewing ratio & proportion. 

Technically, we already did some ratio/proportion stuff back in Unit 2 when we learned about angles as being fractional pieces of circles, but a) the students weren't very good at it then and 2) Unit 5 is all about the trigonometric ratios and similar triangles, so I figured the review would do us good. Mind you, ratio & proportion is a topic from *before* algebra, so there really isn't any reason why students shouldn't have this down by now. Alas...

So I created U5 WS1 and simply presented it as another worksheet in this Unit 4 (nobody seemed to notice). I already had a standard from Unit 2 dealing with this (S2.5), so I can easily reassessment an old standard on the U4 Assessment this week. 

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