Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 71: Practice

Two items on the agenda: the third Skills Review Quiz of the year and discussion of U5 WS1: Ratio & Proportion. 

Technically, we're still in Unit 4, but I didn't want to assess early and try and start a new unit before the holidays, so I'm just shoe-horning the first segment of U5 in there before break. Ratio & proportion *should* be major review, especially since we ALREADY reviewed it back in U2 as we discussed angles, but who knows. 

I'm really liking the idea of more and more quizzes (both skills review and 'regular') because it (hopefully) takes some of the stigma/anxiety away from assessment. If they happen 3 times a week, they can't be a big deal, right? Of course, that's my opinion, the students expressed very different (read: mostly negative) views. 

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