Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 63: Practice

After recapping the Pythagorean Theorem & Distance formula, I worked through a few examples, and allowed the students to work on U4 WS3. 

Unrelated to geometry aside, a few weeks ago, some coworkers and I were chatting during lunch and either he or I brought up the idea of somehow incorporating QR codes (those funny 2D barcodes) into our classes somehow. I already have a class website, so I figured they could be permalinked to specific parts of the website (calendar, where notes might be stored, etc.), but I wasn't sure how useful that would be and it sounded like a hassle. 

Then, last week I was the DMAPT (Detroit Metro Area Physics Teachers) meeting and a teacher shared that she puts the answers to worksheet questions in QR codes that are placed in the empty space of a problem. I didn't realize you could link a random paragraph of text to a QR code, so I thought this was genius.

So now I'm using the QR Code Generator (there are tons of sites like this, this is just the one I use) to attach hints to worksheets. For example, in U4 WS3 on 30/60/90 right triangles, I wrote 4 short lines that summed up the notes. 2 lines to help identify the short & long legs and 2 lines laying out the model that's used to solve for the missing pieces. 

Some of the students knew what they were and how to use them, but I showed the classes quickly anyway. It does kinda suck that not every kid has a device that can read them (or they have a WiFi only device like an iPod and there's no WiFi in school), but it's something. They seemed appreciative, and it only takes about 5 minutes to create a code, so I hope to keep doing it. 

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