Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 28: Online Practice

Spent today in the computer lab working on the Carnegie Learning software. Students often get frustrated with how many problems the program makes them complete which I partially understand, but they refuse to acknowledge that pressing "hint" and guessing random answers tells the computer to assign more problems until mastery is achieved. Like most other work, students want me to walk them through every problem step by step until they reach a solution without any of their own effort. 

I do not require this work to be completed on any specific time table, but it is one of the components I mention to parents about why a student's grade might be what it is and I also might require completion before reassessments are administered. It only requires an internet connection, so students are free to work through the problems at home. 

We'll go over U2 WS4 on angle pairs on Monday and spend the rest of the week reviewing and preparing for the Unit 2 Assessment on Friday. 

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