Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 26: Pairs of Angles

2nd Hour is starting to move a little ahead of my other 2 classes, so I might focus on what they are doing to avoid getting confused. And because they don't make me rethink life choices I've made. 

So we went through different ways to pair up angles today. Sadly, it was more lecture oriented than I would typically strive for, but even when I lecture, it's not really a lecture. I just couldn't think of how to get students to "discover" the terms adjacent, complimentary, supplementary, etc. 

I used Geometer's Sketchpad (my favoritist thing in the whole world) to walk through examples and stop to document key terms. It makes it easy to show *why* the angle addition postulate (words that I never actually utter) arises from adjacent angles. I just speak in terms of "How could we write an equation to relate these three angles?" That way they're pressed to think instead of recall a certain postulate or theorem. 

We'll continue tomorrow with linear pairs and vertical angles, then practice using Carnegie on Friday. I expect to be done with Unit 2 early next week and have a formative assessment by next Friday. 

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