Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 97: Online Review

Students were given the class period to work in the computer lab as they saw fit, under the direction that we would have a quiz on Wednesday (no school Monday or Tuesday for President's Day). I directed them to the Khan Academy page for Congruent Triangles as a starting point both to watch tutorials if they were struggling or to practice if they wanted additional work beyond the worksheet. 

As expected, some students really do take advantage of opportunities like this, but far too many do not. Even if I enjoyed nagging (which I do not), the students in question don't respond. They're either falsely confident that they don't need to study, or they're confidence that studying won't do any good. The kids who spend their time wisely aren't necessarily the smartest, they're simply the most self-aware of their skill set and understand how to make gains. 

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