Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 124: Special Segments & Angles in Circles

Simple lecture discussing chords, secants, and tangents. Then a simple discovery (led by myself) regarding central angles and inscribed angles). I generally hate lecturing, but the students are so conditioned to it, their behavior is MUCH better when I lecture. I don't think they're necessarily learning more, but they're giving me less grief, and that's really more important, isn't it? (I'm totally kidding - just exhausted from staying up to watch my Wolverines lose the NCAA title game last night). 

I used the document camera, because that tends to go over better than the tablet & projector combo does (no idea why - they students just don't like that). I used to rely on the tablet so I could make PDFs of the notes, but now I can use an app called CamScanner on my phone to snap pics of the notes and upload them to the cloud as PDFs. Cool beans. 

Also getting better at making interacting applets in GeoGebra to show basic ideas (quadrilateral inscribed in a circle was today's attempt). All of this stuff is available at my class website: www.mrfuller.net.

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